Stack is a simple card-style Hugo theme designed for Bloggers, some of its features are:

  • Responsive images support
  • Lazy load images
  • Dark mode
  • Local search
  • PhotoSwipeopen in new window integration
  • Archive page template
  • Full native JavaScript, no jQuery or any other frameworks are used
  • No CSS framework, keep it simple and minimal
  • Properly cropped thumbnails
  • Subsection support
  • Table of contents

Licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0

Please do not remove the "Theme Stack designed by Jimmy" text and link.

If you want to port this theme to another blogging platform, please let me know🙏.


If you like this theme, give it a star, and consider supporting its development:

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Your support is greatly appreciated 😃

Thanks to

PhotoSwipeopen in new windowFor the lightbox effectMITopen in new window
Normalize.cssopen in new window-MITopen in new window
Node Vibrantopen in new windowTo extract the color from imagesMITopen in new window
Tabler iconsopen in new windowDefault menu iconsMITopen in new window
jonsuh/hamburgersopen in new windowHamburger icon of menuMITopen in new window
lepture/yue.cssopen in new windowPart of it is used for styling article contentMIT
Typlogopen in new windowWhere the markdown gallery syntax is borrowed fromThe author gave me the permission
Pure CSS implementation of Google Photos / 500px image layoutopen in new windowUsed for image gallery-


Some references that I took while building this theme:

artchen/hexo-theme-elementopen in new windowMITopen in new window
MunifTanjim/minimoopen in new windowMITopen in new window