Getting Started


This theme uses SCSS and TypeScript. For that reason, it's necessary to use Hugo ≥ 0.78.0.

Use Hugo Extended version if you want to:

  • Use the latest feature/fix from master branch
  • Edit SCSS files

(It's recommended to use Extended version)

Compiled CSS are updated once per release.


The last release of this theme can be found on this page: Releasesopen in new window

If you want to try out the latest feature, you can download the theme executing the next Git clone command on your Hugo site folder.

You can also download this theme using Git (recommended), execute the following command under your Hugo site folder:

git clone themes/hugo-theme-stack


If you are using Git to manage your Hugo site, add this theme as a submodule.

git submodule add themes/hugo-theme-stack

If it's your first time using this theme, take a look at exampleSite folder, which includes an example config.yaml with all available parameters.


Remove config.toml from your site folder.

In case this is your first time using Hugo, I recommend you copy the content of exampleSite to your Hugo site folder. (It includes a set of example posts.)

The demo site is built using content included in exampleSite: in new window

Once you've done that, execute hugo server in your terminal. You should be able to visualize the theme on http://localhost:1313.

For more information about Hugo's functionality, check official documentation of Hugoopen in new window.